What is this?


We are curious souls, enchanted by the muse that the vast richness of Second Life and other virtual worlds delivers.  We are inspired by the imaginations of those that shape our virtual existence, and we’ve gathered stories of our adventures.  Now, we want to share them with you.

This is our travel log, our digital satchel. It’s packed with vignettes of places we’ve discovered, the portraits  that have filled our camera lenses and the images that have filled our minds.  Read our stories, then travel to the places and make your own stories –  join our journey.

INDAGA- what?

Indagatricis is the latin for traveler, explorer, investigator (f).
It’s odd, so are we.

WHO are you?
NOELANI Lightfoot (call me Noe, as in no-ee)
Noe was led into the realm of virtual worlds with the simple text client of IRC, where the world was created with flowing text for your imagination. Years later she discovered World of Warcraft and while her tryst with that was brief it gave her the tools to slide into Second Life with general ease. She considers herself an explorer, artist, poet and writer at heart.

Currently Noe has her own gallery, Altered Frames, where she works to show the same kinds of beauty, captured moments or emotion in this world that she does in her corporeal life. Her art can also be found in the OFD Gallery and on the sixth floor of Crossworlds Gallery.

GRACE McDunnough (call me .. well, just Grace is fine)
Metaversian at large, artist, poet, musician and virtual world experience developer.  Grace is the creator of Musimmersion, founder of the Mill Pond Folk Festival and regularly performing live musician in the virtual world of Second Life.  Grace is dedicated embracing virtual worlds to combine the emotional response of audio and visual immersion to deliver unique  experiences around the grid.


One response to “What is this?

  1. two of my most favorite metaverse denizens unearthing wonderful soul stories… What more is there to desire? Stellar art here ladies… i’m enchanted.

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