Keeper of Light

Lumeria in Second Life


Inspired by Lumeria, Roan built by Abel Moonites and wildangel Swift. Loosely based on the myth of Lemuria.


Time is of little consequence for her and she waits for the shift to come.

She is a keeper of the light.

She knows they are hidden but not lost.

The mythology speaks of this world but so many men have lost the capacity to believe beyond themselves. There are those who try to stretch out but they allow the beliefs they hold to empower hatred and self-righteousness. The story of her people has been twisted to a dark thing.

She watches from the towers, she watches from her sunken world of water and peace, she speaks to the aquatic creatures who answer her calls and she waits. Her faith is not enough.

Before her lies a garden of crystal grown from the waters of calm. Walking the land she allows the tips of her fingers to run over the smooth, glowing body of one and warmth spreads from the touch. Individual crystals held the understanding; a knowledge to be passed on to humanity when the time is right.

That time had not come.

Clues had been left for them, but they do not want to believe. Her eyes scan the patterns of her world which matched the lines her family had placed outside the veil. They had left notes, symbols in the earth and on the ground.

That was not enough.

Beneath her stretches out a bridge built over pure water. She sees light move of its own accord. She did not understand humanity’s squandering ways. Here the air was from before the time of even Atlantis. Yet, she continues to wait for the moment when she can bestow the light of the crystals.

They did not deserve it yet.

Each year, each war, each senseless death took them farther from her.

She sits and looks out onto their world with eyes full of light.

She is a keeper of this secret and she waits with hope.

She knows they may never be ready for her gift.

Time is of little consequence for her and she waits for the shift to come.


2 responses to “Keeper of Light

  1. Wonderful, truly wonderful and so amazingly correct in the interpretation,
    Its fabulous:)

  2. Thank you for letting me know about this wonderful work you did. I’m really happy that Lumeria inspired you to this story. I like your interpretation a lot, as it comes so very close to the idea behind the build!!!! Great job!!! Biggest compliments!!!!

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