Welcome Travelers

Welcome to the “Lucky Motel”, but if you ask me, there ain’t nothin’ lucky about it. This place’s always dealin’ in somethin’ shady. I’m smart enough to keep my head down, check people in and out as needed and I don’t ask no questions. When you leave, if you leave, then I clean the rooms as told (there ain’t much to that either unless it’s a real mess of a deal) and then I wait for the next one. It’s better than workin’ at the factory or the theatre and Momma won’t let me work at the bars. If she only knew what really went on around these parts; hey, did ya’ll say you needed a room? Let me see what we got.

Ya’ll ain’t from around here is you? Our one general store and gas station is over on Friday Street and ya’ll might want to hit that while it’s daylight. Don’t go too far though or you’ll end up at the swamp; ain’t nobody seen Sally Huchins in 40 years but she used to live there, so they say. Me? Oh yeah, I been here all my life. Got my learnin’ right there in the school house before I quit to work. Just down Violin Road is the hobo shacks. If you ask me, ya’ll try not to go near ‘em; see, a girl learns when she is little it’s better to come down Bliss Blvd. or Freedom Street.

How long was you thinkin’ a stayin’? If ya’ll is here for a couple of nights there is probably an old movie playin’ in the theatre but I couldn’t tell you all what. Mostly old man Victor, he shows them horror movies from the 1960’s. I ain’t much into that, enough horror all around me, but you ain’t gonna want to stay in your room all day. Could get messy. We have a couple of bars, if you goes on down Main Avenue, if that’s more your way. I wouldn’t drink too much if I was you though.

Here is your key, could you sign right here for me please? I’m guessin’ you all is hungry, there is King of Pizza King of Taco just down where K Smith Steet dead ends. I wouldn’t stay out after dark though. Everybody knows most everybody in a place like this but they don’t take much to strangers. Kind of funny when we got this motel right here, if you ask me. That’s why I work here; I don’t mind a stranger or two.

Ya’ll is just outside, room number 9, and there’s a soda machine up the stairs on the outside. What did you just ask? Naw, I ain’t goin’ no where, I figure if I work here long enough I might one day own this here motel. I can fix it up real nice, ya know? So that people enjoy their stay here in Missing Mile, NC. Why would I leave when I got everything here I need? Besides, if you ask me, this is the kind of place you just can’t leave.

It’s been real nice talking to ya’ll, just come get me if you need anything else. Ya’ll seem like right nice folks. I do hope to see you in the mornin’. Remember what I told you. Good evenin’!

Inspired by Missing Mile, Soap built by Loch Newchurch


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